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Pandanas plants as natural beach erosion prevention in Lembongan


This week Andrew & Agus were transplanting Pandanas plants along the high-water mark of the beach infront of Blue Corner Dive.

Our plan is to use native vegetation as an erosion barrier along the beach in order to hopefully aleviate the need for cement break-waters in the future. Cement break-waters have been built along much of the shoreline in Lembongan's harbor, causing problems such as accelerated sediment transport and erosion to adjacent sides.

The pandanas plants are a native plant to the island and grow along much of the non-developed shoreline areas. This salt-tolerant plant can create stable root systems in sandy areas which will then trap sediment and slow down erosion (perhaps even prevent erosion) during monsoon storm surge.

Blue Corner Dive has planted several of these plants along the shoreline and is allowing for native grasses to seed on the beach front above the high-tide water line.

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