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Reef Check Indonesia training in Nusa Lembongan


Reef Check Eco-Diver Training Course

Today we finished the final coral reef surveys of the latest Reef Check training course held here at Blue Corner Dive. The Reef Check Eco Diver course introduces students to comprehensive reef surveying techniques:. Thoughout the duration of the course students also collect reef monitoring data which is used in long term monitoring by Reef Check Indonesia.


Mangrove Reef 

The course was held over 2 days and we all went out for 2 days of monitoring dives on Mangrove Reef. The first day had some stronger currents but the student divers all loved it. Today's monitoring dive had more gentle conditions and we managed to collect some great data on fish populations, invertebrates, and substrate.

Blue Corner Dive has been conducting ongoing reef monitoring at Mangrove Reef divesite, for what we hope to be a long-term data set which can be used to monitor future reef health in the area.


New Reef Check Eco-Divers

Congratulations to our 5 new Reef Checkers: Chris (England), Carmel (USA), Tom (Netherlands), Cam (Canada), and Eve (USA)!! 

Anybody interested in joining our next Reef Check course contact us through the Blue Corner website. For more information on this course read our Scientific Diving Programs.

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