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Manta Ray Research Charters with Aquatic Alliance & Blue Corner Dive


As part of the Divemaster Eco-Diver Internship at Blue Corner Dive, interns have the opportunity to work with Aquatic Alliance on their manta ray research program around Nusa Penida.

Yesterday our interns were out again diving with mantas all morning along the southern coastline of Nusa Penida. This special trip chartered by Blue Corner Dive for Aquatic Alliance and the interns was to collect population data through identification photos as well as data on individual manta behavior through activity patterns. Professional photographer Steve Woods also joined our expedition.

The crew had an amazing day photographing and recording over 25 mantas! Many known individuals and a few new sightings - yet to be named. Back at the Aquatic Alliance office the interns had a busy afternoon analysing photos and the most fun part of marine science - entering the data into spreadsheets for statistical analysis.

After such a great day everyone is excited to go out on the next expedition trip soon!


(thanks Steph for this photo, from another one of our fun manta trips)

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