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Reef Check EcoDiver Trainers in Nusa Lembongan, Bali!!


Jensi Sartin of Reef Check Indonesia conducted a Reef Check instructor training course at Blue Corner Dive this last week. After 2 days of training and surveys on the reef directly infront of Blue Corner Dive, Andrew and Cody graduated as Reef Check EcoDiver Trainers.


Monitoring Surveys

Blue Corner Dive will now be adding Reef Check surveys to our list of monthly monitoring projects on the reefs around Lembongan.  The initial pilot survey was conducted on Blue Corner Plateau (the shallow back-eddy behind shipwrecks surf break). This site will be established as a permenant transect for future studies in order for us to monitor changes in reef health.  A second pilot survey is planned for Mangrove divesite - the location of our current CoralWatch monitoring surveys.  To participate on one of our monitoring trips, sign up for the Discover Reef Check introduction and join Andrew on a 2-tank dive trip. Or if you want to take on a more leadership role in our surveys, sign up for an EcoDiver course with us!


EcoDiver Courses

Book your 2 day EcoDiver certification course at Blue Corner Dive. The course consists of one day on-shore training to learn about basic marine ecology - including fish, substrate and invertebrate identification. We also then go through survey techniques. The second day is spent conducting 2 transect surveys at one of our monitoring sites.

All our divemaster trainees will now be trained as EcoDivers as part of their divemaster internship at Blue Corner Dive

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