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Coral Reef Management Symposium on Coral Triangle Areas


The 2nd Coral Reef Management Symposium on Coral Triangle Areas

Marine Biologist, Andrew Taylor MSc. from Blue Corner Dive just returned from Kendari, Sulawesi. The international conference brought together scientists, marine managers, government, NGOs and members of the private sector for begin diologue and find solutions for coral reef issues.

NusaLembongan Island is located within the marine biodiversity hot-spot known as the "Coral Triangle". The island has recently become part of the NusaPenida Marine Protected Area, and like many MPAs around the world, success of this MPA will require a unified effort for conservation and constant commitment.

We were happy to see other representatives from our area working hard for marine protection (such as The Nature Conservancy, The Coral Triangle Centre, Reef Watch, Reef Check, and many, many others!!)

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