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Blue Guru's Finathon


On 30 Nov the Blue Guru dive team snorkeled 30km to end finning: shark finning.

Despite a perfectly timed thunderstorm adding to the challenge of snorkeling around 2 islands, our Finathon was a great team event.

Our 3 Divemaster trainees kicked off the Finathon quickly completing their timed 800m snorkel by circumnavigating the smaller of the 2 islands. The rest of the dive team followed at a more leisurely pace!!

Continuing on with our team snorkel around the larger island, we passed the infamous "bat cave" where from the outside (unsurprisingly!) bats may be seen overhead and if you're very lucky, black tip reef shark underwater. The final leg of our marathon Finathon was over the shallow coral reefs in the channel between the 2 islands, which is a nursery ground for juvenile reef fish bred in the nearby mangroves.

Special thanks to Luzi & Barbara, long term Blue Guru customers, not only for financial sponsorship but also for joining us in the water - always good to have friends on board!

Huge congratulations to the whole team for the achievement - not just the physical snorkel challenge but also the greater challenge of motivating others to sponsor the team's efforts supporting Project AWARE's campaign to STOP SHARK FINNING. 

If you would like to sponsor Blue Guru's Finathon to help end shark finning, your donation would be very much appreciated via:

Please pledge however much or little you can afford - everyfin counts! 

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