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Blue Guru's Ocean Action Project is just 1 of 10 worldwide shortlisted by Project AWARE. This is the 2nd year running Blue Guru has been shortlisted. Last year we lost the final round of public voting by just 50 votes. Please take action today to help us win this year - SIMPLY VOTE TODAY FOR BLUE GURU VIA THIS LINK:

Blue Guru’s Ocean Action Project aims to protect endangered sharks, rays & turtles from over-fishing, entanglement & marine debris caused by the vast number of fishing boats in Thailand’s Andaman Sea.

Threatened species include Whale Sharks & Manta Rays migrating past Richelieu Rock in Surin National Park; Leopard Shark at Tachai in Similans National Park; Hawksbill, Green, Leatherback & Olive Ridley turtles nesting on nearby Koh Phra Thong’s beaches; and juvenile shark nursery close to Blue Guru’s new dive centre.

The Andaman Sea is feeling the effects of heavy over-fishing. Thailand is the world's third-largest exporter of fish and fishery products. Between 2002 and 2011 exports almost doubled. Fishing nets are indiscriminate and sharks & rays are hauled in as by-catch. These important species are then ground down into fish food for aquaculture.

Much of the waste from human activities (especially plastic) makes its way into our oceans, which can harm marine life such as turtles. They can become entangled in this debris or eat toxic items. This can restrict their movement, severely damage their health or kill them. The photo shows a manta entangled in fishing line spotted off the Andaman coast earlier this year. 

Blue Guru Conservation is committed to the long-term health of the Andaman Sea. By voting for our project you can make a difference. Thanks to your vote we could gain much needed funding. This will allow us to broaden our surveying scope to include Koh Phra Thong’s offshore & local dive sites, as well as continuing our 2nd year of research in Surin & Similan National Parks. This valuable research data can help influence the implementation of effective conservation measures to keep fishing boats away from dive & snorkel sites frequented by sharks, rays & turtles.

Voting closes on 8th December, so the time to act is NOW! 

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