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Shark, ray AND turtle sightings at Surin


Blue Guru’s first 3 day Surin snorkelling trip of the season was amazing. With only 30 other visitors staying in Surin National Park last weekend, we were able to enjoy the nature of this ecotourism location away from the crowds of more mainstream tourist destinations.

In addition to a wide range of reef fish, moray eels & crabs, snorkelers saw black tip reef shark, eagle ray, Kuhl's stingray & 4 green turtles. Awesome dude!! The eagle ray & black tip shark were seen in deeper water off Koh Surin Tai. The green turtles & stingray were seen in shallow water off Koh Surin Nuea’s beaches.

Sadly there were 3 fishing boats moored not far from where the turtles & stingray were spotted. As we approached, they started up their engines and set off for their day’s offshore fishing. Who knows if they cast their nets before they left the “protected” marine park area.

This trip marks the start of our local Ocean Action Project surveys of shark, ray & fishing boat sightings for the 2nd year. It also initiated our data contributions to Thailand eShark project, a national 6 month survey of shark, ray & turtle sightings (inter alia). Just like our Ocean Action Project, eShark's methodology requires data recording from every dive & snorkel conducted during November-April. Great to start by reporting some positive findings: shark, rays AND turtles!

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