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World's Biggest Dive 4 Debris



Blue Guru is so proud to have been involved in the world's biggest Dive for Debris.

On 29+30 September, over 15 tonnes of rubbish was collected by 650 divers & beach cleaners with 14 dive boats participating as part of a Go Eco Phuket initiative.

Blue Guru's Course Director, Helen Macnee, was part of the team who raised a massive fishing net using 1800kg of lift bags. It took 3 long dives over 2 days to carefully cut away the net from coral bombies; re-locate marine life caught in the net, e.g. sea cucumbers, triton shell & trumpetfish; and then use ropes & every lift bag available on the dive boat & from Thai Navy to lift the sprawling net off the sea bed.

It was an amazing sense of achievement when the tip of the heavy net finally surfaced. However there was no way it could lifted out of the water by the dive team. So plan b ...

The surfaced net was dragged by divers & RIBs to deeper waters where it was attached to a fishing boat crane. Unfortunately attempts to pull it out of the sea started to break the crane, which could only lift 1 ton. The fishing net far exceeded this. So plan c ...

The fishing boat dragged it to the Thai Navy frigate boat which lowered its ramp into the sea, so the net could be transferred. It was so heavy it took 5 hours and all the crews from the fishing boat, Thai Navy & Thai marine fishery department to finally haul it clear of the sea. What an amazing display of determination & co-operation!

Great teamwork - absolutely amazing results!

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