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Another cleanup in Amed, Bali


On March 29th - 30th our Blue Season Bali Divemaster interns conducted an underwater cleanup dive in Jemeluk Bay, Amed (see photo)

Diving in Amed is truly a lovely experience. It has some great dives right of the beach, with a lot of artificial structures to attract fish, and a very pretty coral garden with lots of gorgonian sea fans. Our team of local PADI Divemasters even found 15 pygmy sea horses in only 2 dives!

On our overnight trip we did some mapping dives as part of the PADI Divemaster course, and our AIDA Freedive Instructor Oli also took us on a AIDA 1* Freedive course. 

To conlude this trip, we conducted an underwater cleanup dive and found numerous items such as a clothing fragments, food wraps and fishing lines. 

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