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Canada Prime Minister refuses to Ban Shark Finning!


The DISHONOURABLE Stephen Harper

Canada's Prime Minister Mr Harper (@pmharper on twitter) said this about his government's position on Shark Finning!


“Canada does not favour a ban of shark fins. We do, however, and we’ve been very clear that Canada supports only the humane harvesting of sharks.”

Take a moment to tweet him a line or email him (Stephen Harper - to let him know that his position is simply unacceptable! You can also use this diplomatic letter template:

Dear Mr. Harper,
From my understanding, the coming weeks will see a bill brought before the Federal Government of Canada to make the imporation of shark fin illegal.
I would like to add my name to the growing number of Canadian citizens that finds this barbaric practice unacceptable for the Government of Canada to encourage by allowing the importation of shark fins into Canada. Banning this form of trade will not only reduce the number of sharks that are brutlized and slaughtered annually, but will also put Canada at the forefront of an initiative that is receiving global attention.
Thank you for listening to my voice, Mr. Harper. I look forward to being part of the process to stop the shark fin trade in Canada.
[Your Name Here]
[Your City/Province Here]

There is nothing humane about Shark Finning!

Want to do more? Sign the Petition today:

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