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Freediving and UW cleanup in Amed


Last Tuesday we had another overnight in Amed, where we focused on freediving and a cleanup. Oli, our AIDA Freedive Instructor, started with some relaxations techniques and a short pool session. Many of us managed to hold their breath for over a minute by just relaxing! We then went to the ocean for some real time action! Also, we did a guiding workshop with Instructor Niels along a beautiful wall. We concluded the day with a night dive just of the beach, where we found loads of shrimps, crabs and lionfish.

The next morning we started with some sun salutations and stretching exercises with Oli. We then split up again doing ocean freediving and guiding. The afternoon dive was focused on cleaning up the area just of the beach. After a recent storm, we were surprised to see so much rubbish. Fortunately, we all brought a Project AWARE Underwater Cleanup bag and could fill it easily. Thankfully, the restaurant was kind enough to help us dispose the rubbish and many other divers clearly appreciated what we did.

We felt we could do something back for the ocean, but also sad to see that there is still so much more to do!

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