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The Great Subservient Action: Sharks in Peril


Since 1995, Project AWARE has done a great job at reaching out to the community at large with their various actions.  They have sponsored many regular events such as beach and reef cleaning, coral monitoring and donated to various campaigns. They continue to monitor and report on the state of the marine environment and lobby governments for greater action on preservation and conservation efforts.

Their latest action “Sharks in Peril” aims at helping the fight against the global decreasing shark population due to overfishing, finning and bycatch.

We at Blue Season Bali are committed to help our Ocean Planet - One Dive at a Time. We have been active Project AWARE contributors since our early days organizing monthly beach and reef clean ups, teaching AWARE courses and hosting fund raisers to support.

With the launch of our new Eco Internships, we decided to go beyond our past regular contributions and increase our eco actions!

For our December fund raiser event we decided to “think different” and auction our directors or senior staffers to raise money for Project AWARE. Yep that’s right! Another selfless act towards making our Ocean Planet a safer place for the sharks.

Blue Season Bali's Great Subservient Auction

“Gain access to a Dive Pro for a day, Save Sharks in Peril!”

Now there are some basic rules to this auction.

  1. The starting bid is 500.000Rp (~55$) per subservient volunteer.
  2. The winning bider must be located in Bali and use the subservient at Blue Season Bali (Sanur) or in conjunctions with dive activities offered by Blue Season Bali.
  3. The Subservient volunteer will be of service from 8:00 to 16:00 on the given day selected by Blue Season Bali.
  4. PADI’s professional rule of conduct along with humane decency are expected to be respected when dealing with the Subservient.
  5. Blue Season Bali's business needs precede the Subservient duties, in which case if the Subservient is recalled for duties, remaining support will be reschedule according to availability.
  6. Each Subservient offer a specific set of skills, see their individual profiles for details as to what services they can offer you.

Bidding process for The Great Subservient Auction

  • Go to website.
  • Read through the profiles listed on The Great Subservient Action.
  • Place your bid by leaving a comment bellow The Great Subservient Action post.
  • At the IDC Party, on the night of December 4th, the highest bidder (Present in the audience) will be announced at the start of the live auction. The highest bid will then set the minimum bid price for the open auction.
  • The winner will be the person in attendance bidding to donate the highest donation.
  • All proceeds (100%) will be donated to Project AWARE’s “Sharks in Peril” Action.

The Subservient Volunteers

Jonathan Cross - Course Director and Principle at Blue Season Bali

Jonathan Cross is the Managing Director / owner of Blue Season Bali as well as in house Course Director. He oversees business development of BSB as well as ensuring the high levels of PADI training within the center.  Jonathan has extensive experience in running and operating dive businesses as well as an in depth knowledge of premier league football.

Your bid for Cross would allow you to spend the day drinking, learning how to play real pool and understanding more about why Liverpool football club is the greatest team in the world.

You will also be allowed to ask any personal questions you like about other members of the BSB management team – and yes, he will answer honestly!

Thomas (Bazz) Barrett - Course Directed and Tec Instructor Trainer

Bazz's experience and expertise has won him recognition by PADI five times for excellence in service and education. Bazz is a fantastic addition to the Bali Technical Exploration Team, the only active technical exploration project in the region. His experiences at depths far exceeding the average technical dive have given him a wider range of awareness when it comes to logistics and planning.

Your Bid for Barrett would allow you to spend the day learning about Tec diving, improving your academic knowledge and a more in-depth understanding of the PADI system. Bazz will ensure that his lovely wife cooks something healthy and tasty for lunch, perhaps if you free him from his duties early enough he will be inclined to buy you a round or two.

Dr Neil Chamberlain - Internship Manager and IDC Staff Instructor

Neil is Blue Season’s Internship Manager, he recently joined the company after  3½ years in the Caribbean as a Resort Manager.  Prior to this, he was a  Chartered Engineer working in the specialized engineering field of River Estuary and Coastal Engineering. He is a Staff Instructor with more than 5000 dives and 25 years of diving experience.  He has also worked as a commercial diver in the Maritime Engineering field for 15 years.   As one of the leading coastal engineers,  he co-ordinated numerous projects including the design of some of the largest coastal scheme worldwide e.g. The Palm Islands Dubai, UEA; advised governments on national flooding protection, rebuilding and protection after major environmental catastrophes such as hurricanes, tsunamis.

Your bid for Chamberlain will allow you to gain an insight into the world of coastal engineering, explaining the basic processes (tides, waves, currents, sediment movement) used by coastal engineers on a day to day basis, the engineering solutions we use to manage our coastlines for the short, medium and long term and will touch on the mathematical tools we use to simulate and understand these processes.

As part of the winning bid, Neil will take you around Sanur coastal line, sit at a beach restaurant where you can watch the process in action while eating lunch and enjoying a cold one.

Robert Scales - Business Development Manager and IDC Staff Instructor

Robert is the latest addition to Blue Season Bali. He leads various business and marketing initiatives and is an IDC Staff Instructor on the professional development team. His diverse background and expertise revolve around digital media, environmental activism, marketing, underwater photography and web development.

Your bid for Scales would allow you to improve your general marketing knowledge, build a website, gain mentorship on the use of digital media to promote your diving career, learn about the basics of underwater photography, and improve your overall knowledge of the various Project AWARE actions..

As part of the winning bid, Robert will provide a delicious home cooked lunch and drinks.

Thomas McKenzie - IDC Staff Instructor 

Thomas McKenzie is Blue Season Bali's first and only Master Instructor Internship candidate! He materialized out of thin air some time ago and he’s been shadowing Bazz, our friendly Course Director ever since. Always ready to lend a hand, he is known for his keen ability to lose snorkels faster than Aqualung can manufacture them. Tom is a eager to help our IDC and DMT candidates.

Your successful bid for McKenzie will grant you the pleasure of having your very own personal assistant for a full day. If you dislike doing paperwork or perhaps would like to sleep in while he teaches your course, Tom will be happy to assist you with the same enthusiasm as a kid does going to Disney World for the first time!

Tom will fetch your lunch and ensure that you drink as many beers as he does at the end of the day.

Ladies and Gents, start placing your bid today and help save the sharks!

Feel free to contact Blue Season Bali if you have any questions regarding The Great Subservient Auction or Project AWARE.

We look forward to see you all on December 4, 2011 at Blue Season Bali’s IDC Party / Project AWARE BBQ.


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