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Help to Stop Shark Finning in Azores - Europe


Petition: "Save the Azores Sharks"

"Just in the first months of this year, were captured more than 130 tons of blue shark. It is known that some shark unloaded in the ports of the Azores, is not heavy and registered, and is sent directly to the asian market for fins.
Most of this is done by international fishing fleets, mostly Spanish. Traditional fishing in the Azores is known for its moderate impact on ecosystems. This industrial fishing is destroying the balance of an archipelago considered one of the last paradises on earth.
We ask your support for this cause. The petition is in Portuguese so it can be discussed in the regional parliament of the Azores."

Please sign the petition at: Save the Azores Sharks, a petition by "Save the Marine Treasures of the Azores"

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