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We're in The Sunday Times (of Malta)


We were delighted to receive joint 3rd in the recent Global Scavenger Hunt and so I started badgering all the English newspapers in Malta in the hope that someone would realise the importance of this award. Our friends at Gozo News published the article (as they always do) but then there was silence. Until I had a phone call from The Sunday Times of Malta - the largest English national newspaper in the country asking me to send them a photo urgently as they were about to approve an article on us. 

So, on Sunday morning I was outside the newsagent at opening time ready to buy several copies. I had a coffee in the cafe next door and flicked through the pages until I came upon our half page article - and we had been placed in the Environment section.

We have been pestering Eco-Gozo which is part of the Ministry for Gozo about getting involved and helping them with some of their projects - let's hope the fact we have brought Gozo an environmental award will spur them on to get in touch with us!

And, we are planning something even bigger in our September Dive against Debris campaign.

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