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Shark Protection Progress 2


Calypso divers have continued to shout out for sharks over the busy Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year time of year. And with our ongoing project of donating to AWARE for every ocean dive that our divers do, we have now almost reached our annual shark protection fundraising target (still with 4 months to go)!

Divers have been meeting at Calypso for shark information evenings and discussions about what can be done about sharks in peril. We've shown our own shark footage (see video clip) and the Sharkwater documentary to get discussions going, and we've asked divers to comment:

"Take a stand! Avoid restaurants that serve shark fin soup, sign up for events like this and support organizations that work on changing policies"

In recent weeks and months there have also been a number of successes around the globe with countries banning shark finning (see AWARE's Latest Updates). Thanks to everyone who has contributed by diving, discussing and getting the message out!

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