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Calypso Big Shark Shout Out


AWARE's Big Shark Shout Out Week was all about voicing concern for diminishing shark populations all over the globe. Sharks are an essential component of marine ecosystems and their removal has devastating and widespread consequences. We must take immediate action to conserve shark populations.

Signing the Petition and Shouting Out on Shark Walls shows leaders internationally that large numbers of people want positive changes to shark policy. Calypso supports Project AWARE's shark protection advocacy projects through donations from diving and other events.

For the Big Shark Shout Out, Calypso launched new activities and arranged for extra donations when divers chose to participate in SCUBA & SNAP with Sharon, AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty, plus all ocean dives throughout the year!

Other events like the Sharkwater showing, the Shark photo slideshow, and the How and Why of Sharks allowed Calypso's guests to learn more about the issues, tell more people about the plight of sharks and get more shark protection supporters. We also spread the word with stickers and mugs sporting the "I Shouted for Sharks, Will You?" message.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the week and a half of fun and educational events. Many of the activities are ongoing at Calypso, so you can still join us and take action to help give sharks a fighting chance. You can also see our annual fundraising progress on the sidebar of

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