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Dive Against Debris at The Valley


With currents running through the channel, concerns have been expressed about trash collecting at The Valley dive site, so we organised another Dive for Debris in this area to keep the reef healthy. Fresh from her first clean up dive two days prior, Karien Human was once again in action with three instructors and an advanced diver. Rubber items seemed to have collected in the area: fan belts, tyres and a welcome mat (of all things!). Some fishing lines were also carefully removed along with items of clothing and two nappies. Apart from taking out trash from the ocean, we were also pleased to see lovely marine life in the area, with especially numerous and some very unusual nudibranchs. A blue spotted ray also zoomed up the valley to say hi! This dive was a huge success, especially as many clean up dives are conducted on White beach with other dive sites sometimes overlooked when it comes to trash removal. The trash was sorted and recorded before being disposed of in collaboration with the BASS (Boracay Association of Scuba Schools) coastal cleanup. Thank you to everyone who took part for your time and effort.
Photo by Chris Hewett

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