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Plastic is NOT Fantastic!


Camel Bar turned green again for one of our regular eco-talks .Tuesday's talk featured top speaker David Jones, who stayed and dive with us for one week with the enthusiastic group Triton Scuba from Southsea, Hampshire (UK). David has given talks at UK Dive shows before and is part of the amazing team at Plastic Oceans, a charity Foundation whose main goal is protecting and improving the environment through education, fund raising and media coverage. Over the last 60 years plastic has become central to our lives and mankind has subjected the planet to a tsunami of plastic waste. Plastic Oceans provides a powerful and effective platform campaigning for, supporting and funding targeted solutions aimed at significantly reducing plastic pollution in the environment. David entertained the crowd during our regular Divers’ Night on Tuesday 26th November and introduced the trailer of Plastic Oceans’ film, produced by award winning Jo Ruxton (Blue Planet, Pacific Abyss).

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