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We took the Debris Challenge!


Camel Dive Cub took the Project AWARE challenge throughout September to Dive for Debris!  Over the month they conducted 4 clean up events, recruiting 30 Divers (including some from 2 UK dive centres) and collected 37 kilos of trash!

But this wasn’t just any old month. On the 28th, we joined forced with the Global Underwater Awareness Association (GUWAA) to try and break the Guinness World Record in having the most amount of people diving and cleaning at the same time around the world.  The event – entitled “2nd World Clean Up Day” was officially opened by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Camel was one of only 3 dive centers participating from Egypt and while Omar chose the dive sites of Tiran with Dive Line from Ipswich, Cath took her first day divers to White Knight.  As always, we were delighted to see that the diving areas further from the mainland were virtually debris-free and the usual suspects of fishing line and plastic buoy lines were found local. Thankfully bags and bottles recovered were in single figures but during an earlier clean up in the month, Sven and his team found over 30 snorkels!

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