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Ocean Guardians


The concept of Ocean Guardians was a dream of Cherie’s since she started scuba diving in 1998. As her passion for diving and the ocean grew so did the desire within her for OG to become a reality. Cherie shares some of the events in her life and why she created Ocean Guardians...

Ocean Guardians is the result of my love and concern about the fragility of our oceans and my dedication do something about it. My goal is to increase awareness and promote action for our fragile marine environment through Community, Products and Education.

Community ~ The OG community aims to unite the world for our oceans by providing a central place for the connection of people from around the globe who are or want to Save our Oceans.

Products ~ Why just wear your heart on your sleeve when you can make a statement? I love wearing my bright red t-shirt that screams I FEAR SHARKS with the underlying message of the real fear about sharks that one day they will be all gone. It’s a pretty powerful way to get people’s attention; I am like a walking billboard for the oceans!

Education ~ I knew I wanted to educate people on the options they had to get involved in Saving our Oceans but it had to be something more powerful than just a list. I am now dedicated to sourcing people from around the world and publishing Articles and Interviews about the people behind the accomplishments, the businesses and organisations. While promoting what they are doing I also hope to show the everyday people reading this website that they too are amazing people and to inspire them to get up and do something!

“Education is our strongest weapon!”

For the full interview about why Cherie created Ocean Guardians and to find out how you can make a difference please visit

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