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To all my non diving friends



We need to talk and yes it's about sharks, you've heard me go on a lot about them, you've seen them a lot in the media lately. The constant shout from the diving comunity to save the sharks. I know what you think I have dropped out of the rat race to be for a better word a beach bum spending my days 30ft below the ocean chilling with the fish and teaching other people to chill with fish. We’ll your sort of right but I’m also an explorer in one of the last unexplored regions of the planet and more than that I’m a protector of this vital resource. I know you think us divers are thrill seekers looking to hang out with dangerous creatures but here is the thing, most sharks’ aren’t that dangerous. The movie jaws was the worst public relations any creature could every ask for, we admire them for their role in nature they are apex predators they are the checks and balance of the oceans.

The fate of sharks affects you more than you could possibly know. Something they don't teach enough at school is where most of the oxygen for this planet is produced? Trees right? NO it’s produced from life in the ocean, our ocean formed the blue planet we have today, somewhere from 70-80% percent of the planets oxygen is produced by some of the simplest and smallest organisms that live in the ocean. It is also the biggest carbon recycler on the planet capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it, then recycling it through the cycle of life.

So here is how the death of sharks will affect you, once they are gone the checks and balance of the ocean will be lost other species will flourish, species that eat the producers of oxygen and capturers of carbon once this happens life on the surface will be effected. Things like this have happened before the planets oxygen levels have dropped to below 15% during some of the biggest extinction events.

Julies Vern said it best "The globe began with the sea, so to speak; who knows if it will not end with it?"

So now I've let you in on the secret please join me, divers and non-divers alike and shout for sharks give them a chance and give the human race a chance.

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