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Another amazing clean up


Another month comes another clean up of our beautifule reef!!!


On the 13th of April we managed to rally 6 of us to the cause, almost 7 but unfortunately one of our DMTs had cut her toe so couldnt make the dive. We met at the dive shop early as it was also the day of Sonkran so in the afternoon we planned to head into town for the annual epic water fights and festivities. 


We had mainly concentrated on the nets around the left side of the reef for the last couple of clean ups so decided we would take a look at the right hand side. Whilst briefing we split up into two teams, Me, Rachel and Michelle(our latest eco warrior drafted for the cause) and Dan,Dan and Emily... locals at the shop now on courses and selling diving. each team had an equipment bag and at least one cutting tool.


Enjoying a walk to the beach in the morning sun we arrived out at the reef to 7-10m visibility, zero current and no swell... great conditions for a treasure hunt!!! The clean up started slow finding the odd net or fishing line we could gently peel off of the reef or cut free, as we neared the corner where longtails often more up we found a few glass bottles a blue T-shirt and a dummy. then we started uncovering large nets that had snagged on the rocks around the edge of the bay.We lifted as much as we could before the current picked up and became to strong to keep fighting against. So we headed back in with our bag almost full to meet the other team at the surface and find out how they had done.


All in all both teams pretty much filled the bags but their is still debris on our reef and we will keep going until it is totally clean!!! Thank you to all the Eco Warriors who took part and we will be heading out again soon. We offer a free shore dive to anyone who wants to take part so if any certified divers see this and want to come on our next one just let me know.

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