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Salad Reef Clean up March 2014!!


Again we got the usual Eco Warriors together for another clean up of Haad Salad Reef on Koh Phangan, a few days previous to this I took Dan on a peak performance buoyancy specialty and learnt that alot of coral on the east side of the reef around 3-7m was covered in nets, bottles, anchors and plastic bags. So I set out on a mission to assemble the Eco Warriors lol That being said its not exactly hard becuase we all love diving haad salad reef with good vis and recently we have been blessed by the gods of diving visibility.


We met at the Pirate Divers shop 9am sharp and had a little chat about direction and the procedures we were going to employ. 9.15 I changed the blade on my cutting tool as the old rusty one was looking a bit worse for wear from the other recent clean ups. 9.30 all buddy checks were complete and we were heading towards the reef wondering if we would find more tyres or maybe another kyak paddle lol.


The dive lastest 84mins and yealded no great surprises, lots of nets, bottles and a few plastics, we managed to fill 3 equipment bags full of nets mainly and had reasonable 10m visibilty until the nets were being carefully pulled up then we had some zero vis moments but that doesnt put off these Eco warriors it just makes them want to head out and clean some more. A massive thanks to Dan Jones-Newly certified Divemaster at Pirates, Dan Munn-Divemaster Trainee at Pirates, Emily- Sales representative and Advanced Diver at Pirates and Rachel-Head of sales and OWSI at Pirate Divers. Oh and of course myself lol Thanks guys and watch this space because we will head out again soon or maybe do some beach clean ups next time!!! Another Awesome cleanup!!!

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