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Dive For Debris September 2011


Each Monday in the month of September 2011 a Dive For Debris dive was organised with Emperor Divers Marsa Allam. 

Each boat (up to 4 boats) that went out diving on each monday made a Dive For Debris Dive in the afternoon to collect as much rubbish as possible from out reefs!

In total throughout September 15 boats trips were made with a total of kilos of rubbish being collected from all our volunteers!

Reefs cleaned included Marsa Mubarak, Halg Salmann, Shouni Kebir, Torfet Ali and Ras El Torfa.

A wide selection of rubbish was collected including loads of plastic bags floating around in the water, glass coke bottles, and even a huge piece of wood! Loads of fishing like and hooks were removed which was very helpful to the reef, so now no little fishes can get confused and eat the hook!

The 12th September was our record breaker - a huge 34 guests took part and managed to collect a whopping 27.9KILOS OF RUBBISH!! Well done guys! The Dives on the 5th, 19th and 26th were allmost as sucessful but this was our best!!

Every diver that participant that participated in the Dive for Debris with us received the dive for 5 Euros, of which every penny was donated to Project AWARE!

Weekly events coordinated and evaluated by Claire E Greathead


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