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Tara Expeditions


Tara Expeditions organizes voyages to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis facing the world's oceans.

Tara Expeditions is a French non-profit organization active since 2003 in favor of the environment. A legendary boat built for extreme conditions, Tara is the plateform for high-level scientific research missions. 

Initiated by agnès b and  Etienne Bourgois, Tara Expeditions developed from their passion for the sea, and their humanistric, engaged vision. 

Tara's expeditions study two majors scientific themes : the world's oceans and climate change. 

In collaboration with scientific institutes, the expeditions contribute concrete results on these topics.

Tara Expeditions also helps raise the environmental awareness of the general public and young people, particularly through the Tara Junior website, and encourages policy makers to take action towards preserving the environment. 


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photo credit : F.Latreille / Tara Expeditions

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