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Installing Living Sea Sculpture-Can we do it January?


It is on my mind constantly now, the vision of the DNA sculpture and how it will look from above as we swim over, finally gazing down upon it with our snorkels in the ocean.  Since July, this sculpture has been waiting at the "dock" for unexpected paperwork to clear. Now it is a matter of funds to push through this barrier.  With the right financial partner(s), we can install it this January. It will provide bio-diverse habitat and regenerate corals where currently there is a patch of sand and sea grass.  Living Sea Sculpture (LSS) will be the first Biorock coral refuge in MUSA (the Museo Subacuatico de Arte in Mexico) and will serve as an artistic, ecological snorkel attraction and scientific study in the National Marine Park in Cancun. For those of you familiar with Jason deCaires Taylor's work, Biorock contrasts to his cement castings by introducing steel forms with mineral accretion, providing an elecrolytic advantage to corals. I hope this first Biorock sculpture will lead to more art/sci collaborations in this "gallery"  of MUSA.

To bridge local education with the immediate environment, I'd like to invite the kids in Cancun to design a sculpture through drawings and wire models so together we create a second sculpture connecting the kids and teachers with their hands-on creativity, ingenuity, and loving participation in their environment. While learning about coral ecosystems and how to protect and nurture them, they are personally, playfully part of the solution.  Since they are kids, being able to watch their coral fragments grow big enough to be trimmed and replanted is a symbol of their power to effect ocean health and make colorful contribution to new life. 

I share this news with all you divers hoping some of you will get involved in bringing Living Sea Sculpture to life NOW! Frequent flyer miles, sponsors, partners, ideas...I am giving a TED Talk Feb/Mar @TEDLong Beach. It is my dream to have LSS in the sea so I can share with the world this project doing its life supporting work.  I believe the ocean needs everyone's unique abilities to heal.  For those of you familiar with the Global Coral Reef Alliance (GCRA--, they are contributing their scientific and technological expertise to this project.  I know Project Aware and PADI are all about visionary leadership and community building, so I look forward to getting to know more of you and reviving reefs and marine vitality together around the world. 

for more about my journey with LSS so far:

Thank you!! Colleen aka Amphitrite

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