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Shark T-shirts: Raising awareness among locals and tourists



T-shirts are a great way of communication. They are used many times and over a long period of time. Their unique designs are eye-catchers that can convey a story and kindle conversations.

We used these characteristics in order to raise awareness among the local population as well as tourists and create a general consciousness about threats to sharks and the goals of our conservation project.

Our custom designed T-shirts are sold at a self-sustaining price in order to make them affordable to anyone. The design tells the story of juvenile Blacktip sharks in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, which depend on protected bays with extensive mangrove stands for their survival, yet are threatened by the local gillnet fisheries. “Wanted. Alive!". We are calling everyone to take action and support the conservation of this and other shark species and their habitats in the Galapagos Islands.

Especially local and national volunteers can identify themselves as part of the conservation effort wearing the shirts on fieldtrips and during everyday life. As part of the project’s team they are aware of the conservation issues and advocate our project’s solution to visitors and Galapagueños. 

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