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Coral Grand's beach clean up


Once again here at Coral Grand Divers the love for our planet brought us all together to tackle one of the biggest issues divers encounter almost on a daily basis: Marine Debries.

We decided that to take care of this issue properly we would start by the beach and then follow up this initiative with a reef clean up.

We all met at 10 am. Everybody had a huge smile stamped on their face, ready to pay duty to our planet earth, making it a cleaner place. The energy and enthusiasm was much that during the clean up several people that were simply enyoing their holiday relaxing on the beach decided to spend a few hours helping us collect as much debries as possible.

The fact that the tide was quite low in the past weeks really helped us to reach certain areas of the coast otherwise unaccessable. We managed to fill 9 big bags we all sorts of debries. On one hand we were really happy and proud of amount of rubbish we collected but on the other hand quite saddened by the fact that a little more attention and care from all of us would prevent this situation in the first place.

Coral Grand Divers would like to thank Project AWARE and all our members of staff for all the help and support, you guys rock! 

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