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The gentle giants need our help!


Sharks world wide are under huge threat. The multi million industry that sustains the demand of shark fin soup is depleting our oceans from one of the most important creatures: the sharks!

The increased demand for shark fins has brought this specie to the brink of extension. Even the gentle giants, the whale sharks, the biggest fish in our oceans is now been fished for their fins. 

The constant news about sharks been killed saddens us every time we hear about it. Most of our Instructors had the fortune to swimm with several species: Great White, Hammerheads, White Tips, Black Tips, Leopard Sharks, Bull Sharks and last but not least the majestic Whale Shark. 

We realised that when talking about conservation of sharks, it's very difficult to convey accross the message of how amazing these creatures are unless you were lucky enough to see one for your self. For this reason our Lead Instructor Giovanni Cacchione decided to launch an ambitious project here at Coral Grand Divers: create a real size paper-mâché Whale Shark.

The idea is to create awareness around these endangered animals whilst giving an idea to students and customers how big and majestic they are.

After months of hard work we can finally and proudly exhibit our personal real size Whale Shark right at the entrance of the dive centre.

We hope with this initiative to create as many shark advocates as possible joining forces with Project AWARE in this important battle to save sharks!

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