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Big Shark Shout Out


At Coral Grand Divers we take Marine Conservation very seriously so we decided to join Project AWARE's Big Shark Shout Out and give a fighting chance to sharks!

The first step was to ask all our fun divers and students to sign the petition to ban shark finning. The response was amazing and everyone welcomed the idea and showed real interest and concern for topic. We also asked all our customers to make a small donation for Project Aware, in exchange for a cool souvenier: a rubber bracelet with embossed Koh Tao 2011.

We didnt want to stop there so we got all our instructors involved and asked them to encourage their students to apply for a Project AWARE card upon completion of a course. 

Coral Grand Divers is also very pleased to annouce that we are the first and only dive centre on the island that currently can qualify divers and non-divers to the brand new AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Speciality!

The battle to save sharks is very long and tough, but we are very proud of the efforts our staff put into this event and to the response our customers gave us. Thank you!

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