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Shore Dive Cleanup


April 5th 2013.

The previous day i had just informed my very eager divers that we had to cancel the dive due to strong winds and dust.I was suprised to see 3 of them the next morning eager to not only do a shore dive but actually make good use of it by cleaning up.

The shore at Coral Bay lies betwen 3 to 8 meters and is made up of an artificial reef that runs across the restaraunt and the rest is mud and silt at the bottom.This often contributes to 0-3m visibilty.In short,it is not the most ideal dive site,and being a shore/entertainment venue,it is the most polluted underwater and on the surface.

My 3 divers were newly certified Advanced divers(proud instructor:).They geared up and as i got busy teaching an Open water class,they took off for the dive.An hour later,they emerged with 3 bags full of trash,alot of it plastic bags,straws,bottles,watches,sunglasses,shoes and even misplaced dive gear.

We posted their photo on facebook and have received a great response from alot of divers willing to do a shroe dive just to clean up and contribute to a good cause.A big thankyou to our 3 divers-Jeffrey,Robert and Jester.

We at Coral Bay continue our fight against Debri.For a cleaner ocean,for a cleaner earth.


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