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A Great Year for Eco Koh Tao & Crystal Dive



Eco Koh Tao is a marine conservation organisation dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the waters around Koh Tao. This is accomplished through developing extensive awareness and understanding of the marine environment through educational programs that highlight the damage people can and are causing coupled with research projects to illustrate ways we can help protect and rehabilitate the reef.


Working in conjunction with Crystal Dive Resort, Eco Koh Tao operates as a the marine conservation ‘department’ of Crystal Dive developing environmental polices and procedures and raising the awareness of the thousands of divers that go through Crystal’s doors.


Eco Koh Tao collaborates with local community groups, government officials and other stakeholders primarily through its active involvement in the Save Koh Tao community Group which conducts monthly meetings and other ad hoc correspondence. Eco Koh Tao and Crystal Dive remain one of the most active marine branch members of the Save Koh Tao group.


2011 has been a particularly successful year with growth in the demand for marine conservation education and awareness helping to drive the expansion and influence of Marine Conservation on Koh Tao. We feel that conservation is becoming more mainstream with customers more accepting of it’s role, importance and their desire to become involved in the process rather than remain idle bystanders.




Meetings Attended                                                                             18

Beach & Dive Site Clean Ups Conducted                                          14

Whale Shark & Turtle Sighting Database entries                               50

Biorock Lectures & Dives                                                                 7

Junkyard Artificial Reef & Alternative Dive Site                               30

Coralwatch Coral Health Surveys Conducted                                    60

Reef Check                                                                                        44

Including 30 new Ecodivers certified during

16 Reef Check Ecodiver courses and & 6 New instructors

During 1 Training of Trainers Course

Project Aware Specialty Course                                                        8

Marine Resource Management Course                                              3

Other Projects                                                                                    85


TOTAL individual activities                                                              319


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