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November 19th, 2011 – Twins: Conservation for the Benefit of All


It has been a a stellar month of Eco work at Crystal Dive & Eco Koh Tao with most of it being conducted at one of Koh Tao’s most popular local dive spots, Twins.

Twins is also one of two sites maintained and managed by Crystal Dive/Eco Koh Tao as part of Koh Tao’s ‘Adopt-a-Reef’ program. We have a number of environmental programs going on at the moment, some experiments but all of it is helping to enhance the spectre and appeal of Twins.

Recently, with the expansion of Buoyancy World we tranplnted all of last years coral nursery fragments, now grown up, to the new shipwreck that was constructed as part of the communities Buoyancy World 2.0 project.

Last week we have re-planted the coral nursery, a huge job, and collected size data with accompanying photographs so growth and appearance can be tracked for future knowledge and reference.

Near the main ‘safety stop’ pinnacle at Twins there lies a few branching acropora sp coral colonies that are subject to much destruction due to poor buoyancy of inexperienced divers. We collected many broken fragments and have transplanted them to artificial locations within Buoyancy World in our ever continuing attempts to mesh complimentary programs turning artificial reefs into biotic structures with the help of overgrowing organisms especially coral.


Finally we have replanted some of the coral fragments back onto the natural reef that was recently decimated in a bleaching event. The outcome from this currently looks very positive and hopefully we can do this on a more widespread scale.

With time and experience our methods become more refined and we are definitely getting better, developing our knowledge and understanding making our projects far more effective and streamlined.

It as been a big month and thank you to the many volunteers who have helped out transplanting corals, moving objects and fixing the nursery. In the end it is for the benefit of every individual on Koh Tao, both on land and in the sea, because it it the underwater world that brings the majority of people to Koh Tao. We must continue to make it a worthwhile place to visit. 

Our Marine Conservation Partners include

Marine Conservation Koh Tao

Save Koh Tao

Crystal Dive

Eco Koh Tao

Project Aware

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