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Conservation of the Reefs


As a young teenage girl only the age of 15 I believe I have little persuasion over anyone about the reefs.  First at school I did my speech on the Coral reefs and why we must preserve them, but there was almost no response.  I know my classmates did not understand how serious of an issue this is.  I thought I shocked them with a fact that less than 10% of the reefs in the Caribbean were alive, but I think they were just bored and not paying attention.  I'm trying to do everything I can, but all I can really do is donate.  Because none of my friends have enjoyed or grown up with the ocean like I did.  They have swam in the ocean, but barely any of them have even snorkled.  Being a scuba diver changed my whole perspective on the ocean, my first dive I fell even more in love with it then I already was.  Seeing all the life, the coral, the boats, the family, the pictures taken, and actually getting a glimpse at the underwater world blew me away.  I live in Wisconsin and everyday is a day I wish I was at the beach scuba diving.  I hope to be able to persuade people more and more everyday. There isn't much I can do in Wisconsin so far away from the oceans, but everyday I'm going to try.  Getting out the word and the thought in peoples minds is the best thing to do.  Getting them to understand there is no exaggeration, if these reefs die we can pretty much say goodbye to the ocean.  I want everyone to understand how serious of a matter this is and as divers we need to do our part and keep these corals healthy and strong. Get out the word, donate, volunteer. do anything you can to help our reefs.  Think of the turtles, fish, rays, eels, sharks, and all the other marine life out there calling for your help.  We are the voice to these voiceless animals and they are just screaming for our help.  

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