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Divers for Marine Protection in SW


Imagine a region where 80% of the marine life is found no where else on earth and the blue whales come to feed! No need to imagine, this is SW Australia - beautiful but under protected. So come on divers, let's rally together - we have till 08 August 2011 to let the Australian Government know we support greater protection for the unique marine life and beautiful marine waters of south west Australia.

The Australian Government is asking the community how important it is to protect these waters? Here at Project AWARE we think it is crucially important and have told the Government we fully support new large marine parks. But it's not enough for the message to only come from us, the Government needs to hear it from as many people as possible.

So please follow the link and let the Australian Government know that divers support marine protection. Note, you can make a submission no matter where in the world you live. It only takes a few minutes to help protect the ocean so go ahead diver, hug a seal!! 

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