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Spanish Rocks Reef Cleanup - June 21 2014


Thank you everyone for your help and support this reef cleanup.  The good news is that the amount of marine debris collected on the reef today was much less than our previous cleanup at this reef. This is great news and indicates that there is a degree of marine debris collection going on among the divers that dive this site throughout the year. I know that a few of the local dive shops request the divers pay attention and pick up any marine debris they find when they dive Spanish Rocks Reef, so this is good news for all. Our final numbers were 74 pounds of marine debris from the dive cleanup. The items that had the biggest count were fishing lines, ropes, and bottles. TBGC would like to thank NAMEPA for providing lunch and drinks. Their mission to help preserve and protect the marine environment is why we are happy to be partners with them. In addition, we would like to thank World of Water and Scuba Quest for providing the tanks and equipment for the volunteer divers. We could not make this happen without their support.

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