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5* IDC Center DiscoveryDivers & German television ZDF Dive against Debris



The 22nd of October DiscoveryDivers had a visit from German television (ZDF) who filmed our yearly 'against debris' dive. This time we went to Zeeland in the Netherlands where we entered the water at Ossehoek, one of the more beautiful dive sites. About 14 divers from local dive clubs and DiscoveryDivers checked out every corner of the dive site to make sure we didn’t miss any debris. After the 40-minute dive the volunteers did a great job cleaning this site. Now the acquatic life can enjoy the beautiful underwaterlandscape of plastic, rubber, glass and metal items that we found. 

All of our adventures during this dive are filmed by the German television (ZDF) for their program PlanetE. We can't wait to see the show in spring 2012.

Thanks to all the volunteers who did a great job that day! 


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