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Broken corals from net removal dives are given a second chance!


Within the Tunku Abdul Rahman, we found a staggering number of illegal fishing nets on the beautiful coral reefs, and of course we immediately removed every single one of them and as quickly as we could!

Our resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann informs our island staff team and professional internship candidates on the procedures of re-planting coral. The method of planting coral is relatively easy, however coral is a very weighty substrate, so the bigger the team, the more hands there are to help and plant the fragile corals!

Coral is the housing of the algae, which gives the coral its colourful appearance. Knowing this, all involved in the project gathered the broken pieces of coral from their net removal dives. Coral that is white in colour is because it has no algae living within, which is why it is referred to as ‘dead’ coral.

The coral pieces will be placed near to healthy corals to hopefully stimulate growth once more.

After some time, depending on the correlation between coral species and environmental conditions, we are hoping for success.

In the mean time, we will regularly visit the area for general housekeeping.

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