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At Downbelow, Crews & Trainees Are All Conservation-minded


At Downbelow we strive to instill in our crew and trainees the love for nature including the ocean. Apart from transferring knowledge about the marine environment we also practise responsible tourism and remove discarded fishing nets within the marine park where we are based.

When we heard our dive instructor Mohd Fauzi aka Pablo and local trainee Kerry removed a small discarded net that they found while they were diving on their day off, we were happy that they do not need to wait for instructions from the management. The boys promptly removed the net themselves and saved a few crabs and fishes as well!

Indeed everyone has a role to play in helping Mother Nature and it doesn't matter if you're working or on your holiday dive, if you stumble upon any discarded nets, do report them to your guides or to the local authorities so they can proceed to remove them immediately.

The longer these nets stay under the ocean, the more damage they do.

For us at Downbelow, everyone knows this and we are always ever ready to lend Mother Nature a helping hand anytime, anywhere.

To our two boys Pablo & Kerry, excellent job!

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