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Downbelow Head Office Recycles Unwanted Paper


At Downbelow, are very committed to conservation and the health of our environment. Apart from conducting beach cleanups and clearing marine debris including ghost nets, we also practise responsible tourism that includes using filtered water rather than bottled water and reducing the usage of plastic items in our everyday work. We also refer our guests for accommodation to responsible hotels & resorts only.

Our conservation work is not only limited to our dive centre on the island though, our head office in the city of Kota Kinabalu accumulates boxes of unwanted papers and sends them for recycling. Of course these are papers with both sides used. Papers with blanks on one side are used as our notebooks.

We are very passionate about conservation and have instilled in every staff member the sense to appreciate and love nature. To stress on that, we discourage the use of styrofoam and plastic bags anywhere in the office. We are also very careful with our water and electriciy usage so as not to waste any.

What about you or your office? Are you doing your part?

It's never too late to start! Dispose your rubbish responsibly and reduce your plastic usage! Together everyone can play their part.

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