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Inspiring care for the environment ASAP!


On the very first in-water session of the PADI Open Water Diver course for our 8th Gap Year group of UK-based students from Camps International, the importance of environmental care is already impressed on our young adventurers’!

After the first confined water dive to learn basic skills, PADI Instructors and their student divers collected some marine debris in the nearby area after completing their practice. It’s an admirable act of dedication to preserve our natural environment, and volunteering to care for the environment needn’t be a massive project. Effort, small or great, is effort!

Once completing their PADI Open Water Diver course, the students can participate in further volunteering by cleaning the underwater world by securing a mesh bag to their BC jacket. The marine debris they find during leisure dives in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park they can collect in the mesh bag, and one of our team of PADI professional guides will be supervising the activity for their safety.

PADI Instructors define ‘living the diving dream’ as inspiring student divers to care for our environment!

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