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1,080 Shark Signatures & Training Continues


With just about 2 weeks left in the year, Downbelow looks set to end it on a tidy number of signatures for Project AWARE's shark related causes.

Through various initiatives, be it through face-to-face conversations, through blogs, Facebook or tweets, we have managed to spread the world and gather 1,080 physical signatures, and an untold amount through online submissions, to help secure the future of sharks.

The participants in our local internships are all exposed to the plight of sharks at an early stage, so that shark and marine conservation is entrenced in their diver education and later their careers.

Having recently joined the local divemaster internship program, Clarence was introduced to plight of sharks by resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann (pictured). Clarence learned about the shark situation and how people's pledges will help sway legislation in their favour.

Clarence immediately applied his new knowledge and spoke to several guests about sharks and the need for their support, contributing to Downbelow's total of 1,080 pro-shark signatures.

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