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Downbelow Fought A Monster Net


Downbelow formed a team of heroes and fought a monster under the sea!

It started when our dive guides stumbled upon a large illegally discarded net within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Seeing that it was one of the longest nets that our team has encountered, Downbelow's Managing Director and resident PADI Course Directory Richard Swann knew he needed a big team to counter the monster.

Knowing that the longer the net remains there, the more marine life it could kill. So he quickly assembled a team made up of Downbelow's staff and professional diving interns, both local and international.

The team then set off after a detailed briefing on the removal procedures and safety precautions from Richard.

It was a tough task and thankfully, the good side won!

Unfortunately though, many marine lives had already perished but many others were released after they survived their ordeal.

Most importantly however, the death trap is removed from the site and the corals can breathe again.

This episode shows that no matter how big the task is, it can be overcome when everyone pulls their effort and strength together.

We encourage you, as a diver to report any illegal net within a protected area to your dive operator and hopefully they will act just like Downbelow did.

You can view more pictures from our image gallery.

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