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Push to Support Project AWARE


Downbelow has committed to support Project AWARE's environmental conservation efforts by signing up for 500 Project AWARE branded certification cards.

Divers who contribute towards Project AWARE's causes, get a special Project AWARE branded certification card to show off their commitment. 

This amount goes directly to Project AWARE whose current main focus is on Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris.

By signing up for 500 Project AWARE branded certification cards, Downbelow contributed AU$5,000 to help with their invaluable effort.

The prepayment of the cards shows that Downbelow believes that divers want to save the environment that they enjoy so much.

Downbelow will continue to advocate the virtues of Project AWARE and why it's important to contribute.

Every additional contribution to which diver commit is a bonus and will perpetuate their efforts.

Plus divers gaining their new qualifications will receive a shiny and good-looking Project AWARE branded certification card and sleep easier knowing that choosing to support Downbelow is choosing to support the environment.

So dive with the company that cares. Dive Downbelow!

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