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Downbelow Trainees Learning to be Responsible Divers


Downbelow trainees Danny and Azhar performing their daily clean-up duties at the shoreline just in front of our dive centre.

Keeping our beaches clean especially in our beloved marine park of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is an important task, not because we want it to look presentable for our guests but to minimize the exposure of hazardous products to the marine animals that call this place home.

As a player in the tourism industry, we are aware that we are invading the livelihood and space of the marine animals. That is why conservation is our priority and we stress the importance of it to our trainees, who we hope one day will be not only professional divers but a responsible ones too.

However the task of helping the environment not only falls on the divers or conservationists but you as well. You can help by reducing your plastic use, recycle as much as possible and dispose your garbage responsibly.

Everyone has a role to play and the more realise this, the better it will be for the environment and the earth!

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