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Celebrating World Environment Day


Every 5th of June is World Environment Day and being a working day, we celebrated the day in the office by switching off half of the lights to save energy.

All of us are proud to be pro-active and we are all aware of the importance in taking care of the environment. We have been practicing environment-friendly policies such as not using plastic bags and styrofoams, recycling papers and thinking twice before printing anything and even if we do, print multiple pages per sheet and use both sides.

On the business side of things, we practice responsible tourism by using filtered water rather than bottled water, using recyclable bags, working with responsible and local businesses for services, and reducing the ecological footprint of our office.

Among other programs and initiatives we conduct several cleanup events near our dive centre by removing garbage and illegal fishing nets within the marine park.

So the environment is important to us and we hope that many more individuals and companies take more serious actions and implement policies that help the environment.

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