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Porcupine Stingray's Rare Appearance Spurs our clients to Continue The Fight For Conservation


Being one of the top dive education centres in the region, we host many groups at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre such as the British Army completing their Adventurous Training to University students conducting field trips.

A week ago we hosted students from Cardiff University who were here to learn the skills required for the research they will do later in their careers and also to fine tune their diving skills.

During one of their dives they received a special treat when a rare porcupine stingray landed on their transect and just stayed there, oblivious to the attention it was getting from the students.

Needless to say everyone just watched in awe as the gentle creature rested gracefully on the corals and their transect!

Scenes like this reminded us why we are passionate on keeping this place clean and safe for the marine animals. Downbelow has been a long-time fighter of man-made debris as we remove garbage and ghost nets whenever we find them. We also perform daily beach clean-ups at the shore.

We also regularly organise conservation-themed events to raise public awareness on the problems the marine world faces and ways to help.

The students also helped in removing a ghostnet that was found within the park but that story is for another post. 

In the meantime, we hope everyone can join in the fight and spare their time and offer their effort to help Mother Nature whenever possible. 

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