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Blacktip reef shark population grows in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo!


We are delighted to report our observations on the number of blacktip reef sharks has grown over the last few months!

During every session of in-water activity conducted at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC beach house, our island team, and our clients, have noticed blacktip reef sharks cruise along the top reef of one of our favourite reefs in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

The school of sharks spotted are often juveniles and the very shallow reef offers protection from predators. The reef joins to the shore of a small island in the marine park, where the sharks find easy food too, so the conditions are perfectly suited to their needs to become independent adult sharks. 

It is important for our PADI professionals to remind their clients in their pre-dive or snorkelling briefing, some of their valuable knowledge on blacktip reef sharks. These sharks are very shy, therefore to admire them for as much time as possible, clients are advised to stay quiet and avoid quick, sudden movements. 

It’s a fantastic time for all marine enthusiasts’ to plan a day of leisure diving or snorkelling with us in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and our guides offer our high standards of safety during all guided activities as it is our top priority!

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