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Our PADI professionals impress on all students to be environmentally friendly!


Our island team of PADI professionals conduct PADI courses and experience programs every single day of the year at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island, Borneo!

For the very reason our Dive Centre is so popular, our responsibility towards protecting the environment is a constant effort.

With each PADI course or experience program, our PADI professional will insist their student divers understand the human impact on the natural underwater world.

PADI provides the tools for our PADI Instructors to utilise and it is a performance requirement within all levels of dive education for the student diver to demonstrate their care for the environment. Scuba diving in an environmentally responsible behaviour is a PADI standard!

We also encourage all of our clients, regardless of their island activity to sign our ongoing petition in support of banning shark finning or pledge a donation to the Project AWARE movement.

We are 100% AWARE, so each certification rewarded to our student divers, we donate to Project AWARE on their behalf.

This is rewarding for our clients to support as soon as they begin their scuba diving adventure in such a positive way as contributing to the efforts of conservation.

Not only do we encourage volunteering efforts by our students, but we insist they continue their dive education to improve their buoyancy skills and of course continue their passion for our environment!

We invite all marine enthusiasts’ to enjoy the underwater world with us, and working together we can make the changes to protect our coral reefs for future generations to enjoy!

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